Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Journey That Led Us Here

This is how it all started….

My name is Sharon Crews and I am a breast cancer survivor. After recovery, I felt the need to help others in my community going through the same thing as I did. I started off by packing a backpack with the all the essential items I found necessary for chemotherapy, and gave it to a woman in my community. That is how the vision of My Chemo Cocktail & Me, and Got Your Back Pax originated from.

My partner and dear friend, Lucy Barlow, teamed up with me after she underwent radiation therapy after the removal of a cancerous tumor from one of her milk ducts.

One day as she showed up for her therapy appointment, she sat in the waiting room facing many different women who were all in different situations. It wasn’t until she saw a lonely, frail woman in her 60’s drag herself into the waiting room, sit down, and hold her head in hands until she felt the need to help those women through this difficult time.

That ah-ha moment Lucy encountered inspired her to help breast cancer patients. She simply wanted to make the journey as easy as possible for them.

I had shared my story with Lucy before this ah-moment, and I told her what I did for a lady in my community. After her encounter with the lady in the waiting room, she called me and told me that we have to reach women undergoing chemotherapy. She wanted to go forward with the idea of packing backpacks for breast cancer patients, and I couldn’t have agreed more.

Our project began over 2 years ago and we have come a long way since then. We have been giving out mock versions of our book and backpax, and as of now, we are awaiting our launch of “My Chemo Cocktail & Me” and Got Your Back Pax. God has led us here, and we are excited to see where it takes us!

Watch our video of our first book and pax given to one of our dear breast cancer sisters: My Chemo Cocktail & Me: First Prototype Gift
We have come such a long way since the first gift of the My Chemo Cocktail & Me Prototype book & Got Your Back Pax, given to Sharon Davis! We are so blessed & honored that Sharon allowed us into her life to share a piece of our hearts & wisdom with her on her journey through chemotherapy. Every day we come closer to launching, but as this time draws closer & we make changes to our book & pax, we will never forget how this mission of helping fellow sisters in need of comfort & support started! Enjoy… The Chemo Girls   XOXO
Not just SURVIVING, but THRIVING with you!

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